Lab methods and approaches:

Our work is primarily focused on experimental biology methods as well as sequencing-based approaches to studying gut immunity and gut microbiomes.

Microbiology of gut
-16s PCR, RFLPs, MiSeq Illumina Sequencing, bacterial culture
-Bacterial culture in 3D matrices
-Biofilm Assays

Invertebrate Mariculture
Ciona intestinalis Germ-free Cultivation

-histology, cell biology, (real time) qPCR, RT-PCR, RNA In Situ Hybridization, antibody staining, and currently developing gene knockdown approaches.

Personally, I have worked with various animal models, including various fish species, corals and jellyfish (Cnidarians), chickens and rats at various developmental stages, and my latest focus is on the cephalochordate amphioxus (the Florida lancelet) and now primarily on Ciona intestinalis (a sea squirt).


-John Cannon and Gary Litman at USF Peds, Division of Molecular Genetics

-Rosaria De Santis and Maria Rosaria Pinto at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dorhn, Naples, Italy.

-Mya Brietbart at USF Marine Sciences for Marine Microbiology

-Maureen Groer at USF College of Nursing

-Others at USF include Stephen Kornfeld, Panida Sriaroon; at ACH JHM, Frank Diamond

-Jack Gilbert at U. Chicago and Argonne National Labs

-Hans Peter Grossart at
Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Biodiversity, Potsdam University